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Finished Ribbons

Our finished ribbon program is one of the largest you will find anywhere. Our compatible ribbons are made to the same specs as the OEM. These are packaged in a generic white box with a generic label.

All of our products are backed with a 100% guarantee.

Custom labeling, packaging, nylon and or inking changes can be made based on annual quantities.

Some of the ribbons we sell are for the ERC 30/34/38 (for the Epson 30/34/38 we offer standard and premium versions) as well as most POS printers. Epson, Amano, Tally, IBM, Star, Printronix, Acroprint and Rapid Print are just a few of the manufacturers that we have ribbons for.

Ribbon Product List
Part # Description
AMT-7450-BL AMT Datasouth Accell 7350/7450
B-80-R-BL Brother Mini 80 black-6 pack
BR-402-PU Brother SR402 purple 6pack
C-3500-BL C.Itoh 3500/4000/5000-BL-6pk
C-600-BL Citizen 600 – black 6 pack
C-600-BR Citizen DP300/600-B/R-6pk
C-600-PU Citizen DP300/600-PU-6pk
C-910-R-BW-BL Citizen910ReinkBlkWhBlst5Crd
C-910-R-BW-PU Citizen910ReinkPrpWhBlst5Crd
C-910-R-NB-BL Citizen 910 Black Nblister 5pk
C-910-R-NB-PU Citizen 910 Purple Nblister 5p
CAR-8000-B/R Amano MJR8000/7000 – Black/Red
CAR-8000-BL Amano MJR8000/7000 Black 12 p
CAR-8000-PU Amano MJR8000 – Purple 12 pk
C-IR31-B/R Citizen IR31,SD500 black/red 6
C-IR31-BL Citizen IR31 CD-S500 bl 6 pc
C-IR31-IN Citizen IR31 CD-S500 Black Ind
C-IR31-PU Citizen IR31, SD500 purple 6 p
C-IR41-BR Citizen IR41-B/R-6pk
C-IR41-PU Citizen IR41-purple-6pk
C-IR51-BL Citizen IR 51 black 6 pack
C-IR51-BR Citizen IDP 562-B/R-6pk
C-IR51-PU Citizen IDP 562-PU-6p
C-IR71-PU Citizen IR71/DP-700-PU-6pk
D-2600-BL Dascom DS 2600 Black – with Ri
D-60-4-BL Diebold 1062/72-ATM-BL-4p
DH-4411-BL DH Print 4410/4700-BL-6pk
DH-4411-PU DH Print 4410/4700-PU-6pk
D-LA30-BL DEC LA30 Spool black
E-03-BL Epson ERC-03-BL-6pk
E-03-PU Epson ERC-03-PU-6pk
E-11-BL Epson ERC-11-BL-6pk
E-11-PU Epson ERC-11-PU-6pk
E-18-BL Epson ERC 18-BL-6pk
E-18-PU Epson ERC-18-PU-6pk
E-2170-BL Epson LQ2170 bk polybagged 1 p
E-2190-R-BL Epson FX 2190/2090 ReinkBlack
E-21-BL Epson ERC 21 bk poly 6 pack
E-21-PU Epson ERC-21-PU-6pk
E-22-BL Epson ERC 22/40
E-23-BL Epson ERC-23-BL-6pk
E-23-BR Epson ERC-23-B/R-6pk
E-23-PU Epson ERC-23 PU-6pk
E-27-BL Epson ERC-27-BL-6 pack
E-27-PU Epson ERC-27-PU-6pk
E-28-BL Epson ERC 28 black-6 pack
E-28-PU Epson ERC 28 purple 6pac
E-31-BL Epson ERC-31-BL-6pk
E-31-PU Epson ERC-31-PU-6pk
E-32-BL Epson ERC-32-BL-6pk
E-32-PU Epson ERC-32-PU-6pk
E-350-BL Epson LX 300/350 Black
E-35-BL Epson ERC-35-BL-6pk
E-35-PU Epson ERC-35-PU-6pk
E-37-BL Epson ERC 37-black 6pk
E-37-PU Epson ERC 37  purple 6 pack
E-38-12-BR Epson ERC-30/34/38-B/R – 12 PA
E-38-BL Epson ERC-30/34/38-BL-6pk
E-38-BR Epson ERC-30/34/38-B/R-6pk
E-38-IN ERC 38 Black Indelible Ink
E-38-PR Epson ERC30/34/38-P/R-6pk
E-38-PU Epson ERC-30/34/38-PU-6pk
E-38-S-BR Epson ERC-30/34/38-B/R- 12pk
E-39-BL Epson ERC 39 – black 6 pack
E-39-PU Epson ERC 39 – purple
E-41-BL Epson ERC41 black 6 pack polyb
E-41-PU Epson ERC41 purple 6 pack
E-45-BL Epson ERC-45 BL 6pk
E-45-BR Epson ERC-45 B/R 6pk
E-800-BL Epson LQ-800-BL-6pk
E-890-R-BL Epson FX890/590 bl reinker 6pa
E-9000-BL Epson DFX9000 rubber drive Bla
EN-05-R-BW-BL EpsonERC05ReinkBlkWhBlstr5Crd
EN-09-R-BN-PU EpsonERC09 rei Purple NBlis100
EN-09-R-BW-BL EpsonECR09 rei Black WBlis 100
EN-09-R-BW-PU EpsonERC09 rei Purple WBlis100
E-PLQ20-BL Epson PLQ20 Mobuis with reinke
F-2100-BL Fujitsu 2100/3400/DMPG9 Blk 6p
F-3800-BL Fujitsu DL3800 bl 6pac
F-7000-BL Fujitsu 7015/45 Receipt black
F-8770-BL Fujitsu 8770 black polyb 6pack
F-8770-PU Fujitsu T-4 Cassette-PU-6pk
G-3480-BL Genicom 3480 black 1 pack
G-3800-BL Genicom 3800 –  black
I-2390-R-BL IBM 2390/2380/2480-BL-6pk gre
I-4201-BL IBM Proprinter-BL-6pk
I-4224-MS-BL IBM 4224-metal shield-BL-1pack
I-4224-PS-BL IBM 4224-plastic shield-BL-1pa
I-4227-BL IBM/Lexmark 4227-BL-1pk
I-4247-BL IBM 4247 Black 1pack
I-4683-3-BL IBM 4683-3 black polybagged 6
I-4683-3-PU IBM 4683/4694-Mod3-PU-6pk
M-2800-B/R Monroe 2800 black/red, 6 pcs b
MT-130-BL MannesmanTally MT130/150 6pack
MT-330-6-BL Tally MT330-BL-6pk
MT-691-BL M-Tally 690/691 Blk 1 pack
N-2200-BL NEC P2200-BL-6pk
N-4915-BL Nixdorf ND 4915 black polybag-
N-7156-R-BL NCR 7156 black seamless   6pac
N-7156-R-PU NCR 7156 purple seamless  6pac
N-75-BL NCR Personas 75/85, Diebold 10
NEC-5500-BL NEC 5500/ NCR CPM2/3 black 6 p
NEC-5500-PU NEC5500/NCR CPM2/3 purple 6 pa
N-SPCM-BL NCR SPCM 6600 Ribbon Black
O-182U-R-BL Oki 182/320/390/420 univ black
O-182U-R-PU Oki 182/320/390/420 univ purpl
O-320-IN Oki 182/320/390/420 black Inde
O-393-BL Oki 393-BL-1pk
O-420-BL Oki420/490/720/790 reink black
O-620-BL Okidata ML620/690
O-620-R-BL Okidata ML620/690 with reinker
O-6300-BL Okidata Microline 6300 Ribbon
O-80-NE-BL Oki ML80/82 W/Oeyelets-BL-12pk
O-8480-BL Okidata ML8480 Black- 6 pack
O-PR4-BL Olivetti PR4 –  black
O-PR9-BL Olivetti PR9 black
O-SNUG-BL Olivetti PR2/Snugcart BL 6pk
P-1090-R-BL Panasonic KX-P1090-BL-6pk
P-1624-R-BL Panasonic KX-P1524-BL-6pk
P-2130-R-BL Panasonic 2130 with reinker bl
P-300-BL Printronix P300/600 55m-BL-6pk
P-300-S-BL Printronix P300/600 45m-BL-6pk
P-3500-BL Pyramid 3500/400 Black
P-3626-BL Panasonic 3626 black, 6pack
P-4500-BL Printek 4500 w/magnet bl 1pc
S-1000-BL Star NX1000/LC10 Black
S-200-BL Star SP200/500 black 6pack pol
S-200-BR Star SP200/500-Blk/Red 6pk
S-200-IN Star SP200/500 black Indelible
S-200-P/R Star SP200/500 purp/red, 6 pac
S-200-PU Star SP200/500 purple 6pk
S-2410-BL Star LC2410-Black 6 pack
S-2410-PU Star LC2410 Purple 6 pack
S-2410-RD Star LC2410-Red- 6 pack
S-300-BL Star SP300 black polybag 6pac
S-300-PU Star SP300 purple polybag 6pk
S-700-BL Star SP700 black 6pack
S-700-BR Star SP700 black/red 6pack
S-700-IN Star SP700 Black Indelible
S-700-PU Star SP700 purple 6pack
SE-C-BL Univ C-Wind-BL-12pk
SE-C-BR UniCalcSpl-C-Wind-bk/red-12pk
SE-C-PU UniCalcSpl C-Wind-PU-12pk
T-1650-R-BL TEC 1450/1650 Reinker -BL- 6pk
T-1650-R-PU TEC 1450/1650 Reinker -PU- 6pk
T-2030-BL Tally T2030  black 6 pack
T-2040-BL Tally T 2040 –  black
T-2130-BL Tally T 2130 – black 1-pk
T-2140-BL Tally T2245-BL-1pk
T-351C-BL Toshiba P351C Black
T-6215-BL Tally 6215 black 1 pack
TI-8920-BL Texas Instruments 8920 Black 1
V-600-BL Uni Calc Cart Vic600 BL-12pkx-
V-600-BR Uni Calc Cart Vic600-B/R-12pk
V-600-PR Uni Calc Cart Vic600-P/R-12pk
V-900-BL Verifone 900 black 6 pack
V-900-BR Verifone P900-B/R-6pk
V-900-PU Verifone 900 Purple  6pack
A-1000-BL AMANO AS1000/BX1500/BX1550/BX2
A-125-BL Acroprint 125/150 Black Nylon
A-125-CO-PR-BI Acroprint 125/150  Pur/Rd – Co
A-125-MS-CO-PR Acroprint 125/150  Metal Spool
A-125-PR-BI Acroprint 125/150 Prple/Red Ny
A-125-PU-BI Acroprint 125/150 Purple Nylon
A-175-BL Accroprint 175 – Black
A-175-PU Accroprint 175 – Purple
A-175-RD Accroprint 175 – Red
A-4600-CO-BL-BI Amano 4600 Black Cotton 6 pack
A-4746-CO-PU-BI Amano 4746 Purple Cotton 6 pk
A-4746-CO-RD-BI Amano 4746 Red Cotton 6 pk Exc
A-4746-NY-BL-BI Amano 4746 black Nylon 6 pk Ex
A-4746-NY-PU-BI Amano 4746 Purple Nylon 6 pk E
A-4746-NY-RD-BI Amano 4746 Red Nylon 6 pk Exc
A-6800-BL Amano 6800 w/reinker Black
A-6800-BR Amano 6900  BLK/RD
A-6800-PU Amano 6800 w/reinker Purple
A-ATR440-BR Acroprint ATR440 Black/Red
A-ETC-CO-PU Acroprint ETC Cotton-Purple
A-ETC-NY-PU Acroprint ETC Nylon-Purple
A-TF 5030-PU-BI Amano TF 5030 Purple 6 pk Exc
L-20S-CO-PU-BI Lathem 20 S Purple Cotton 6 pk
L-72C-BLU/RD-BI Lathem 7-2C Blue/red Nylon 12
L-72C-CO-BLU/RD Lathem 7-2C Blue/red  Cotton 1
O-100-R-BL Olivetti DM100 reinker black
R-5650-CO-BL-BI Rapidprint 5650 Blk Cotton 12p
R-5650-CO-BU-BI Rapidprint 5650 BlueCotton 12p
R-5650-CO-GR-BI Rapidprint 5650 GreenCotton 12
R-5650-CO-PU-BI Rapidprint 5650 PrpleCotton 12
R-5650-CO-RD-BI Rapidprint 5650 Red Cotton 12p
R-5650-NY-BL-BI Rapidprint 5650 Blck Nylon 12p
R-5650-NY-BU-BI Rapidprint 5650 Blue Nylon 12p
R-5650-NY-PU-BI Rapidprint 5650 Prple Nylon 12
R-5650-NY-RD-BI Rapidprint 5650 Red Nylon 12pk
R-5650-SL-BL-BI Rapidprint 5650 Black Silk 12p
R-5650-SL-BU-BI Rapidprint 5650 Blue Silk 12pk
R-5650-SL-GR-BI Rapidprint 5650 Green Silk 12p
R-5650-SL-PU-BI Rapidprint 5650 Purple Silk 12
R-5650-SL-RD-BI Rapidprint 5650 Red Silk 12pk
R-C724-CO-BL-BI Rapidprint C724 Black Cotton –
R-C724-CO-PU-BI Rapidprint C724 Purple Cotton
S-BRAVO-BL Simplex Bravo  – Black
S-BRAVO-PU Simplex Bravo – Purple
S-BRAVO-RD Simplex Bravo  – Red
S-HA2G-BL-BI Simplex HA2G blackcotton 6 pk
S-HA2G-BLU-BI Simplex HA2G blue cotton 6 pk
S-HA2G-GR-BI Simplex HA2G green cotton 6 pk
S-QR120-BR Seiko QR ATR120 / Acroprint ES
S-TS4449-PU-BI SimplexTS4449 HAPrpleCotton6pk
V-810-BL Amano PIX –  black 6pck
V-810-BR Amano PIX-  Blk/Rd 6pck
V-810-PU Amano PIX –  Purple 6pck
V-810-RD Amano PIX  Red 6pck
V-810-R-PU-BI Amano AGP 5610 w/reink-Purple
IR-40-BL-BW IR-40 InkRoll-BL-5pk
IR-40-PU-BW IR-40 purple inkroll 5pac
IR-40T-B/R-BW IR-40 T InkRoll-B/R-5pk
IR-74-BL-BW IR-74/CP-19 black inkroll  5pc
IR-90-PU-BW IR-90/91 purple inkroll – box
IR-G-1L-BL-BW Garvey inkroll 1-Line blk 1pc
IR-M1115-B-BW Monarch inkroll 1115 blk blist
IR-S216-B-BW Sato 216/PB2 inkroll Blk 1pack
IR-S26-BL-BW Sato 126/PB1 blk 1 pack

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Canton, CT 06019

Mon – Fri: 8am-5pm

Mailing Address:

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